Monday, October 19, 2009

APE 2009

To all the naysayers, doubters, and flakes, fuck you I did good without you fucks. lol

My buddy David from Taco Comics watching my table as I take a piss.

Sales were pretty good, in fact I'm sold out of some shirts at the moment. This was my first time ever being at APE so I really didn't know what to expect. The only prior knowledge of APE I had was from this one artist I met at another convention a couple months back. He said he didn't sell a single thing and blamed it on APE sucking instead of his art just sucking (no coincidence he didn't sell anything either at the convention I met him at, haha). Well, I had a blast not just from making money, but from blowing people's minds with crap I took months or even years making in my bedroom. I'll see you fuckers next year.

I always get a lot of questions and here are the top 5 most asked:

1. Wow! How long did that take to make? That is insane!
2. Wow! What drugs have you been taking? That is insane!
3. Wow! You did all that? That is insane!
4. Wow! That's crayon? That is insane!
5. Wow! Have you ever heard of Superjail? That is insane!

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